Open project development
Project Sheets
100px 2007-09-12
Seattle, WA, & global

Don't just hear a good idea; Make a project sheet!

Lion Kimbro (LionKimbro at gmail) 206.214.5720


  • Carry your project sheets!
  • Your in-person, face-to-face presentations are your best opportunities to invite participation!
  • Project your confidence ! If you feel strongly about it others will gravitate to it!
  • "Increase the Realness" of your project -- Austin King
  • Be ready!


  • Have multiple copies.
  • Encourage giving, inheriting, trading, duplicating.
  • Include contact info & URLs & book titles.

Sign People Up![]

trade * sell * buy * organize * report * listen * introduce * idea * references * writing * titles * logo * words & names & phrases & spread the word * email & resources * advertising * support * encouragement * testing * stories * news * updates * programming * hosting * thoughts * reflections * time * skills * referrals * coordination * blog posts * invitations * documentation * diagrams * books * and of course, $

Have a pen at the ready.

...and draw on, annotate, edit, sign on your project sheets!

(Redistribute photocopies afterwards, update online presences.)

Hand Drawn[]

  • approachable, repeatable, do-able
  • small lifetime projects
  • genuine -- "you're serious enough about the project to supply visual language" -- Austin King

Project Book[]

(graphic of binder, slips, pages, front and back pages)

"A portfolio of your work" -- Austin King

Binder contains slips. Slips contain original project sheets and photocopies.

Front project sheet contains a title, what the project is about, relevant images and tables, a long description, url if any.

Back sheet contains: your contact info, sign-up table (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, names; also: collect what people need & want -- you may be able to work out a mutually beneficial trade,) in addition to their capabilities & offerings & contributions & insights made; Also: list the roles and resources you need or that people could beneficially contribute to the project. Did I mention get their contact info here?


  • sheets, fliers -- easy to photocopy & distribute -- "it visually reminds me" (Austin King) -- also: addendums
  • pamphlets, leaflets -- consume less space on the table / in the hand
  • booklets, stapled pages -- bulkier, harder to copy & carry -- but: can keep a deeper history

(still not done yet...)