This is the discussion related to Open Project Development's goal: to find the best kind of website for developing projects. This is a "discussion with a goal". Its goal is to find the best way to organize a project on MediaWiki, and its pro's and con's.

projects.wikia is an experiment with the MediaWiki engine. But this doesn't mean that this is the best way to collectively organize things on web - it's a point that has to be discussed and experimented. This is an inter-wiki topic related to Meta Collab and to its collaboration theory.

How can projects be developed on MediaWiki? Edit

Results of this discussion will be added to The LDI concept or How to start an LDI. And maybe also in Meta Collab (where we cannot prevent them to discuss all over again. A link to this discussion may be added).

MediaWiki pros: Edit

  • An LDI started here cannot be else than open.
  • Once you got it, it's easy to use.
  • Tools are possible

MediaWiki cons: (here we discuss also how to resolve them) Edit

  • It's not handy for people who don't know it. For example, to start a blog on is easier.
  • In wikipedia or other information-storing wikis it's ok, but if the content leads to an activity, there should maybe be some other features (buttons like: "add new project", "add new goal", "add new discussion", "This has been done", forms where to set the time terms, the responsibility, phone numbers that should be seen only by members, other things that shouldn't be changed, and so on. Is this all feasible with MediaWiki??
  • Tools cannot be added automatically: they have to be written or pasted... This means that not self-confident users won't use them.

Mediawiki ??? Edit

  • Is it possible to have basecamp-like features? (to do-s, milestones, and so on) if yes, we got it. We're able to develop even them. But if not, we're kinda blocked... We'd need active pages and templates. Is all this possible on MediaWiki? If yes... I would be great.

It doesn't work!!! MediaWiki needs to be worked on. What if it were possible to add buttons, forms and so on, but everything editable with edit?

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