Open Project Development
Opd 6 August 2006

Welcome to the Open Project Development LDI. This page is not a guideline about the wiki. Here the LDI project is being developed. This is its main goal:

Goal -

Find the best way to offer the possibility for people to do something in the world, and to collaborate through the web

Goal -


The other goals come from this. If you want to join this project, add your signature under "contributors". Write your proposals in the "discussion" page.

Other languages Edit

Collaborare online

Goals Edit

The contributors of the LDI project want to:

Goal -

Find the best way to collectively organizate things on the web

Goal -

Find the best kind of site to do it

Goal -

Study the possibilities of mediawiki sites

Goal -

Realizate this on

Goal -

Get a wiki meta project

Subprojects Edit

Subproject -

Logo - A project for finding the logo of the wikia

Subproject -

Policies - A project for finding the best policies for this wikia

Subproject -

Guidelines - A project for editing the guidelines

Subproject -

Tools - A project for developing Tools

Subproject -

Collaboration - A project for collaborating with other wikia

Subproject -

Public Relations - A project for managing Public Relations of OPD

Subproject -

Multilinguality - Managing the translation and multilinguality of the pages

Subproject -

Quality - Developing the quality of OPD

Subproject -

LDI - Developing the properties, structure look of LDIs

Subproject -

Routines - Things to do on events

Subproject -

Net - Creating a net of related topics, LDIs and wikis

Topics Edit

Discussion -

OPD - What is OPD? How to develop it? Potential and future

Discussion -

LDIs on MediaWiki - Pros and cons, searching for new features.

Story of the project Edit

The LDI project starts at Sunday the 6th of August 2006.

Info -

Story - This wiki has been on edit this for a while

Wiki moves to wikia the 18th of August 2006. New URL:

To do Edit

To do -

Routine Work

Assigned to: Let's

  • Watch other sites and wikis where it has been publicized
  • Watch the recent changes
  • Welcome newcomers
  • Actualize Template:News
  • Keep contact with neighbors

Members Edit


Let's - Founder

Info and links Edit

OPD is collaborating with other wikia:

OPD links to other wikia for specific info:

OPD compares itself to other project management, collaboration, community, communication websites, software, groups:

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